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Water Purifier, Water Purifier, Water Distillation Tools Laboratory

Cap.  Voltage TRype PN

4 230/14 D 82000 28550 2028

7 230/23 D 82100 28550 2036


Water Distillation Tools

The purity of the maksimum With water distillation apparatus is made of borosilicate glass 3.3 DURAN ® (hydrolytic class 1 glass), starting with regular tap water you can obtain a maximum purity of the distillate is substantially

free from dissolved salt content and the germ are very low. Maximum conductivity to roughly 1 microsecond/cm (25 ° C), reached in distilled water. Submersion heater made of high quality stainless steel (Crni 4876, Incoloy), so the presence of metal ionsweight in the distillate is excluded. And these devices save energy and water, for cooling water heated in the cooling coil is used to water the bait. The outfl ow distillate free of CO2 because the temperature is 60 ° c. cost-effective compared with other water purifi cation systems, such as reverse osmosis or ion exchanger apparatus, no fees for regeneration or replacement of \dikeluarkan resin, or for pretreatment

modules that are needed to protect the membrane.

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