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Welcome to Depolab Indonesia. We are a company that established since 2016 engaged in industrial Laboratory Equipment Supplier, Water Quality Tester, Air Drying Machine, Dehumidifier., Furnace, Measuring Instrument. We were in Jl. Kyai Tapa No. 1, Roxy Square Lt LG Blok A8 No. 10, Jakarta. Discover the variety of our best products (Alat Laboratorium, Alat Deteksi Kebocoran, Alat Ukur, Instrumen, Analyzer, Instrumen Analitik) with quality and the best price you can get.


WATERBATH WATER MEMMERT 7 WNB WNB 10 WNB 14 WNB 22 WNB 29 WNB 45 Wne 7 Wne 10 Wne 14 Wne 22 Wne 29 Wne 45

Rp. 1,000
Last Updated
02 Mar 2022
Minimum Order
1 unit

Specification of WATERBATH WATER MEMMERT 7 WNB WNB 10 WNB 14 WNB 22 WNB 29 WNB 45 Wne 7 Wne 10 Wne 14 Wne 22 Wne 29 Wne 45


DISTRIBUTOR MEMMERT depolabco7 at gmail dot com DEPOLAB INDONESIA INDONESIA 0815 798 9321

Water Bath Memmert is available in six capacities bath and two control class performance. Basic and very good, each has a temperature control range from 10ºC (5 ° C above ambient) to 95ºC. With the optional cooling unit CDP 115 Peltier temperature range of 10ºC to 95ºC.

Heating in all models is on the floor and sides, and a natural circulation produces good temperature distribution. Class Excellent Model WPE 45 Air Bath has a circulation pump to provide better thermal uniformity of water standards.

Features Basic control level bath:

Temperature range: 10 ° C to 95 ° C, plus boiling stage (100 ° C)

temperature variation (time): <± 0.5 ° C at 95 ° C

Double over temperature protection: If the electronic heating control should fail, heating is switched off. In addition there is a mechanical temperature limiter,

A high-quality sensor Pt100 platinum temperature

Programmable digital timer (1 min. 99 hours 59 minutes. With the adjustment of minutes) to set the program start time delayed and residual operations

Visual alarm for over temperature

What's available:

Six selection Volume: 7, 10, 14, 22, 29, 45 Liter

Model WNB with basic controls, and wne, WPE and one with very good control

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