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Portable Air Discharge Test Rhcm 445 500 Current Meter

Rp. 1,000
Last Updated
23 Mar 2022
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1 unit

Specification of Portable Air Discharge Test Rhcm 445 500 Current Meter

Current Meter is used to measure the water flow in the river discharge. Available Current Meter Flowatch 111 and FP-FL-03. Water mater.

Type RHCM Rod Held Current Metres size 2 x110 cm (RHCM 445 500) and 3 x 150 cm (RHCM 450-515)

RHCM consists of three terleetak impeller at the lower end of the telescopic.  The head of the measure can be tilted up to ± 90 °. The measurement values are displayed together with the date and time on terminal taNGAN. Data can be stored and transferred to the PC by means of software Oceanlab 3.  On the PC the file size is saved in ASCII format for processing with the current word processing, spread sheet, and database software.


Technical Data

Measuring the range 0100 ... 9,999 m/s

Resolution of 0.001 m/s

The accuracy of the

± 1% (0.50 ... 9.99 m/s)

± 5% (0.10 ... 0,499 m/s)

Measuring cycle of 5 to 30 s (user adjustable)

Value of 4000 memory pengukuran

Ambient Temperature 0 ° C ... 50 ° C

Soak the head measurement depth 10 m

Hand Terminal splash-proof IP 65

EC-Conformity (CE) EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1

Electrical power source Battery 9 V (J3)

or external: 7 ... 12 V, 12 mA max.



Data memory up to 4 MByte

The mains supply circuit

How immersion depth measurement head

up to 100 meters using a cable

(Without Telescopic Rod).

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