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Tanur Furnace Carbolite HTF 17 5
Tanur Furnace Carbolite HTF 17 5
Tanur Furnace Carbolite HTF 17 5
Tanur Furnace Carbolite HTF 17 5
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Specification of

HTF furnace high temperature furnace room range comprises 1700 ° C and 1800 ° C model.

There are two benches-top room sizes for maximum temperature respectively, together with a greater capacity of the floor standing unit with a capacity of more than 15 liters.

The two smaller models in each of the bench-mounted temperature and larger units are floor-standing. This furnace can be customized to meet specific customer needs, such as the addition of binder for ceramic catalytic afterburner burn-off applications.
Standard Features

1700 ° C & 1800 ° C maximum operating temperature
From 4-27-liter capacity
Molybdenum disilicide heating elements with high quality
Up hold doors away surface & heated of user
Advanced fire-retardant interior, used in combination with low thermal insulation energy-saving mass
Programmable controller 3216P1
Over-temperature protection
Digital RS232 communication on the following models: 17/5, HTF HTF HTF 17/10, 18/4/18 8 & HTF
Cooling fan for low temperature external case
RHF 17/25 HTF & 18/15 both have electric gate aktuasi

Options (mentioned at the time of booking)

A variety of sophisticated digital controller, multi-segment of the programmer and the data logger are available. It can be equipped with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communication
RS232 RS485 communication & (RHF17/25, HTF18/& HTF18 15/27)

Control Options

3216 Controllers Programmable
3508 Controllers Programmable

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