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P504Bn GAST Lab Pumps
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18 May 2020
United States
1 unit
IDR 987

Specification of


Diaphragam Vacuum pump oil-less
Model: Prayer-P504-BN
If you need a small vacuum pump, vacuum or pressure source of calm, you will find a unit for your application in the line of Gast oilless Diaphragm air compressor and vacuum pumps, which come in standard, twin, and miniature styles. Construction of plastic components in miniature pumps makes them especially compact and light ... the ideal for light applications.

Capacity air flow for the entire rentang line from 0.65 lpm up to 3.8 cfm (6.5 m3/h), vacuum to 29 in. Hg (31 mbar), and pressure up to 60 psig (4.2 bar). Electric motors are available in dual frequency, shaded pole, and permanent split capacitor (psc) version as well as AC voltage for multiple-applications around the world, plus 4-24 volts DC in miniature style choice. Horsepower ranges from 1/16 to 1/2 HP (0.05-0.37 kW) on the model of the standard size.

Blood analysis
Vacuum Hold Down Pad
Car Cruise Control
Graphic Arts Equipment
Analysis of water and Gases
Breast pump
Water brushes
Agriculture Foam Marker
Oil atomizers
Lab Equipment

Performance Summary
Max Flow (50 Hz) 1.55 cfm (2.63 m3/h)
Max Flow (60 Hz) 1.90 cfm (3.23 m3/h)
Max pressure 60 psi (4.2 b


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