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 MS MS105E MS106E MS107E 104E MANTLE
 MS MS105E MS106E MS107E 104E MANTLE
 MS MS105E MS106E MS107E 104E MANTLE
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Last Updated
06 Jan 2021
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1 unit

Specification of MS MS105E MS106E MS107E 104E MANTLE

Temperature-controlled heater MS-105E, 2000 ml

A heating Mantle MS-104E, MS-105E, MS-106E, MS-107E brand MTOPS.  . Electrothermal, Multi Mantle Extraction Mnatle, Daihan Heating mantle stirrer, plata, a Hot Mantle stirrer, with Heater and stirrer. Stock and price information can contact or 0815 9321798

-A heating Mantle for a flask with round bottom

-Maximal temperature 450 ° C

-Climate Control;Analog


-Heat resistant, ceramic fibre


Model Capacity Watts Dimensions
W x D x H (mm) Internal
(height: mm) Weight (Kg) Price
104 e 1000 ml 380 297 × 297 × 178 85 1.2
E 105 2000 ML 500 250 × 330 × 226 115 1.6
E 106 3000ml 600 274 × 340 × 205 125 3.2
E 107 5000ml 800 316 × 400 × 230 145 3.6

The temperature controller is easy to use and built-in
Standard type of heating a strong heat-resistant coat used as isolceramic fiber thermal breast milk to high temperature
Very good and also, designed as a double-housing (E05 ~ E107) structures
Because the surface temperature of the mantle of users while in use,
For safety it is always maintained at safe temperatures low.
Heating temperature is controlled by a temperature-controlled, Analog
This can effectively control temperature is the temperature at low temperature. And heat-resistant to withstand at least 450 < 0 > Internal temperature C,heavy duty
Construction of housing aluminium, Powder coating corrosion resistance.
"Power On", "Heater on" certified products the CE Light
Heating element interior coat is a soft glass fiber
It is formed, and prevent damage to the heating Flask
Excellent adhesion of pumpkins from the elements with excellent thermal efficiency


The heating Element temperature: up to 450 ℃ max indicator light: Green-"Power on", yellow "Heater









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