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L3 12 B180 MUFFLE FURNACE 1200 º C
L3 12 B180 MUFFLE FURNACE 1200 º C
L3 12 B180 MUFFLE FURNACE 1200 º C
L3 12 B180 MUFFLE FURNACE 1200 º C
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28 May 2020
IDR 456

Specification of


MUFFLE FURNACE 1100 ºc & 1200 ºc with the Model Flap/Lift Sell Complete with Furnaces share kapasutas and temperature.


Muffle furnaces with flap doors Nabertherm L3/12 B180 to 1200 ° C, capacity 3 l 1.2 kW electric heater, 2 programmable segment, internal dimensions 160W x 140d x 100h mm. power Requirements-most single-phase furnaces, but some of the larger units perhaps triple-phase.

L 1/12-LT 40/12
L 1/12 us-LT 40/12 series is the right choice for laboratory use everyday. These models stand out for their excellent
workmanship, design is sophisticated and interesting, and a high level of reliability. The furnace is equipped with a good
door closing door or elevator at no extra cost.
Tmax 1200 ° C or 1100 ° C
Warming up of the two sides by ceramic heater plate (warming of three sides for model L 24/11-LT 40/12)
Ceramic heating plates withheating elements inseparable guarded against smoke and Sparks, and
easy to replace
Very durable fiber module vacuum coating cured
The House is made of textured stainless steel sheet
Shell double housing for external temperature low and high stability
Optional door cover (L) can be used as a work platform or elevator door (LT) with hot surfaces facing away from
clear air inlet

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