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Corrosive Corrosive Cabinet Safety Cabinet
Corrosive Corrosive Cabinet Safety Cabinet
Corrosive Corrosive Cabinet Safety Cabinet
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CLOSET B3 is the place of storage of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and safety of many people of explosive chemicals, combustible chemicals, or chemicals that are easily corroded. The fire spread very quickly and does not know forgiveness within seconds and consumes a valuable asset.


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Store flammable liquids in fireproof safety cabinets is a simple way to reduce the risk of fire damage in your workplace.

In the United States alone, the National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2011 there is a structure fire was reported every 65 seconds. An alarming fact is tragic, given the simple, proven steps can help reduce the risk of accidental fires.

To help protect youryour people and facilities from a fire potential, Justrite safety cabinets are engineered to safely contain a combustible fuel, solvents, and chemicals. They serve several important functions:


-. Keep dangerous liquids safely and organized separate
-. Make sure the time a safe evacuation in the event of a fire
-. Provide in accordance with federal OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association
-. Increase the maximum number of dARI flammable liquid and flammable in the control areas
-. Increase efficiency by finding materials near point-of-use
-. Identify and warn the contents flammable and increases security by locking mechanism


With over 100 years of experience, Justrite is a leading authority on the management of the flammable liquid. We have learned what works, and what's important to you. Industry-first warrantyJustrite 10 years offered on the choice of a steel cupboard that leads the market Sure-Grip ® EX us. With exclusive features like labeled Haz-Alert ™ warning, U-Loc ™ handle padlockable, and safety SpillSlope ® patented rack, you can be sure to get the highest protection, comfort, and durability in the Security Cabinet.


That's what makes THE Justrite trusted, reputable sources for cabinets safety in commercial and industrial facilities, laboratories throughout the du

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