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Water Activity AW Meter Hygropalm

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17 Mar 2022
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Specification of Water Activity AW Meter Hygropalm


What is water activity?
Water activity, by definition, is a measurement of the vapor pressure of the resulting free or non-chemically bound water in food and other products. Bound water and moisture content cannot be measured directly with this method, the Aw value (range: 0.00 ... 1.00 aw) is an important indicator for the shelf life of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and is very influential.
The occurrence and growth of microorganisms.
Water activity Contaminants
Aw = 0.91 ... 0.95 Many bacteria
Aw = 0.88 Lots of yeast
Aw = 0.80 Many mildews
Aw = 0.75 halophile bacteria
Aw = 0.70 yeast sequence
Aw = 0.65 Xerophile mildew
Why measure water activity?
Free water in a product affects its microbiological, chemical and enzymatic stability. This is very important especially for people who are easily damaged
Products such as food, grains, seeds and especially for pharmaceutical powders and tablets. If there is too much free water, then
Spoiled food Too little water can negatively affect product properties.
The table shows typical growth thresholds below which certain organisms cannot
Reproduce and therefore damage the product. Therefore water activity has a significant impact
during product shelf life.
Measurements of water activity also provide useful information about the characteristics
Such as cohesion, storage, agglomeration or flow properties of powders and tablets or
Coating adhesion.
Aw Fast functionality
Order code HP23-AW-A-SET-40 with 40 mm sample holder
Manage HP23-AW-A handheld content
HC2-AW probe measurement probe
Example of WP-40 holder
Disposable container bottle (10 pc.) PS-40
Humidity standard 10% RH EA10-SCS
Humidity standard 35% RH EA35-SCS
Humidity standard 50% RH EA50-SCS
Humidity standard 80% RH EA80-SCS
Carry case AC1124
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