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Dehumidifier Low Price
Dehumidifier Low Price
Dehumidifier Low Price
Dehumidifier Low Price
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Specification of Dehumidifier Low Price

home dehumidifier 
LCD display board 
Intelligent micro-computer control 
Bucket full alarm 
Two modes of drying function

Home dehumidifier


Voltage / Cycle:  220V-240V/50Hz
Power input (W):  500w
Bucket capacity (Kg):  3
Dehumidifying capacity:  22L/day 
N/W (Kg):  20
Cryogen: R22/R407
Noise: less than 54dB
Maneuverability:  handle

Compressor:  Reciprocating 
Safety:  Bucket full alarm 
Color:  Dark Gray

Body dimension (mm): 366*297*635

Applied Area: 2.6-3m Height  20~30 sq.m.


* Intelligent Micro-computer Control

* Upward air outlet, adjustable air direction
* Defrost automatically when the ambient temperature is below 18 deg.c
* Automatic humidity control
* Drain continuously
* Four casters

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