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Pipe Cable Locator Line Tracer TW82
Pipe Cable Locator Line Tracer TW82
Pipe Cable Locator Line Tracer TW82
Pipe Cable Locator Line Tracer TW82
Pipe Cable Locator Line Tracer TW82
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Last Updated
05 Nov 2020
Minimum Order
1 set

Specification of Pipe Cable Locator Line Tracer TW82

The Fisher TW-82 is an easy-to-use single frequency, one-button pipe and cable locating system. Its ultra-fast target response ensures fast and accurate locating. The transmitter's current display indicates your connection quality quickly and clearly. The transmitter utilizes automatic load impedance matching to adjust output signal for best power output for the ground conditions. Its one-button design provides simplicity that locate professionals prefer and accuracy that locating professionals demand. The TW-82 is weatherproof and impact-resistant, and features sealed, thick-wall, injection-molded construction. Made in the U.S.A.

  • One Button Operation
  • Distance Sensitive Left/Right Guidance
  • Line Direction Indicator (Directional Orientation antenna)
  • Fast Response & Automatic Gain Control
  • New Lateral Mode
  • Automatic Depth
  • Lightweight Design (only 3.6 lbs)
  • Improved Clear & Backlit Display
  • Traditional Fisher Digital Sound - original left/right tone w/audible null at center line
  • Precise Single Frequency
  • Lightweight Rugged Construction - ABS
  • Water Resistant (IP65)
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Specification
  • Frequency: 82.175 kHz
  • Depth reading: continuous, automatic
  • Locate Mode: left/right guidance both audio and visual
  • Line Compass Indicator: Azimuth
  • Signal Strength: Numeric Display & Audible
  • Current Measurement: Numeric Display
  • Battery life: Avg. 100 hours (two D-cell)
  • Operating conditions: -4 to 140°F
  • Receiver weight: 3.6 lbs. (incl. batteries)
  • Transmitter output power: 1 watt
  • Transmitter battery type: four D-cell batteries

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