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Dehumidifier Dh 902B
Dehumidifier Dh 902B
Dehumidifier Dh 902B
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24 Apr 2020
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Specification of

Spesification Product :

Dehumidifier Dh 902

Auto-Overheat Prevention System

Watertank Full Alert System( Patent In China)

Overload Protection System

1. Microcomputer Digital Intelligent Control, With Lcd, Regularly Switch On/ Off

2. Auto Control From 30% -90% Humidity

3. Auto Display From 30% -90% Of The Current Humidity

4. Low Temperature Automatic Defrosting System, Faults Auto Detection

5. Universal Wheels Installed At The Bottom To Mobile Smooth,

6. External Drain Allow Continuous Drainage

Model :


Dehumidifying Capacity 90L/ Day

Power Supply 220V~ 50Hz 115V~ 60Hz

Imput Power 1320W

Environmental Temperature 5-38 C

Air Circulation 1100 M3/ H

Drainage Continuous Drainage Hose

Compressor Protection Three Minute Delay

Application Area 100 - 150 M2

Size ( W X D X H)

548&Times; 468&Times; 1100Mm 21.6 " &Times; 18.4 " &Times; 47.3 "

N.W 60 Kg


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