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13 May 2020
United States
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IDR 234

Specification of

HQ40D BOD Meter Portable Range 0.05 - 20.00 mg/L BOD

Rugged multi meter for outstanding and flexible field water testing.

Dual input channels for flexible measurements without the need for multiple instruments, for pH, Conductivity, Resistivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), Ammonia, Ammonium, Fluoride, Chloride, Sodium, and temperature - connect to any Intellical™ smart electrode, sensor or probe.

Intuitive user interface for simple operation, reliable and accurate results

Guided calibration and check standard routines reduce calibration errors while stabilization alerts and visual measurement lock ensure that you can trust the accuracy of the results. Calibration status indicator and custom calibration alerts ensure accurate results.

Trust your measurements - Intellical™ smart probes store all calibrations in the probe

Calibration history allows quick and easy change out of probes without re-calibrating. The HQD™ smart system records serial numbers, current calibration data, user ID, sample ID, time, and date automatically in the data log for complete Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) traceability. Error-free O2 results without calibration or replacing the electrolyte.

Easy to Use in the Field

All connections between the meter and the probe are secure and waterproof. Connectors can be color-coded for quick identification. Information is clearly displayed on the one screen with back light for low light conditions. Display results can be enlarged.

Designed for demanding field operating conditions

Rugged and waterproof meter design provides worry-free, reliable operation in field environments.

What's in the box?

Meter package includes HQ40D Portable Meter; 4 AA batteries; Power adapter, USB/DC power adapter for data transfer; quick-start guide and user manual; Standard Field case; Protective Glove for Portable HQd Meter; 120 mL Sample Container (x5).

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