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BD600 BOD Meters
BD600 BOD Meters
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04 Sep 2020
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BD600 water analysis BOD Meter brand Lovibond. The measurement of BOD 600 very accurately, automatically and instantly control the wastewater samples. A tool equipped instructions on how to use. For pricing information can menghungungi us via email or 08159321798

Measuring Range and volume of Sample.

The level of BOD the sample depending on the amount of organic matter present, which can vary. Lovibond ® BOD measuring system BD 600 therefore calibrated for different volUME samples and corresponding measurement range indicated in the table below. The measurement range of the whole system is 0-4000 mg/l for all ranges of measurement, BOD shown in lang



Easy to use
Brilliant large graphical display
Graphic representation of the measured value
Bluetooth, USB and SD card interface
Mercury-free, eco-friendly
User selectable time span 1-28 haRI
Individual programming free from each of the six samples
Inductive stirring system, 110-240V/50-60 Hz


BD 600 Principle

Respirometric methods provide a direct measurement of the oxygen consumed by microorganisms from the air or the environment that is rich in oxygen in a sealed container under conditions of constant temperature and agitation. Carbon dioxide is produced by bacterial metabolism is chemically bound by the potassium hydroxide solution terbladder in the cup seal in a jar.


The result was a pressure drop in the system, which is directly proportional to the value measured by the sensor and BOD Board of Directors. The level of BOD is then displayed directly in mg/l.

BOD values are automatically stored in the memory of the sensor in regular intervals and can be called on a large format screen at any time without the need for time-consuming conversion using factor. This means that a series of tests that ended on Sunday cant be evaluated during the next week without any problems. The series of measurements can be stored on a USB stick/SD cards or transferred via USB cable or bluetooth to evaluate data on the computer.


The measurement period is user-selectable between 1 and 28 days to suit the application. While the short measurement period is useful for scientific applications, the measurement of BOD standards usually extend for 5 days and resolve manometric from the OECD, for example, generally occurs during the period




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