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SimpleSDI Auto Density Meter Portable

Rp. 1,000
Last Updated
24 Feb 2022
Minimum Order
1 set

Specification of SimpleSDI Auto Density Meter Portable

Sludge Density Index Measurement/Silt Density Index Measurement

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made easy, accurate and reliable.

The mud density meter Index simpleSDI index the Silt Density testing so easy that it was actually fun. Manual Test SDI takes with it mistakes and inaccuracies are a thing of the past.

sludge density index tester simplSDI

Very accurate Microprocessor precision measurement plus: a flow of mud density provides high resolution accuracy test indexes and repetition goes far beyond the testing of the hand.

Battery Powered and lightweight for portability is right. Up to 13 hours of testing costs.

Do the SDI-5, SDI and SDI-10-15 tests in both 100 ml and 500 ml sample size for mud density index results more meaningful and complete overview of filter plugging.

Standards compliant 47 mm membrane for the lowest cost, availability around the world. Our membranes meet the standards of ASTM D4189-07 New mud density index for testing.

Seawater Compatible: path Completely non-ferrous water compatible with sea water and other corrosive waters.

Continuous reading of the flow (mL/min) provides detailed information in real-time from the level of filter plugging. This data can be used to manually plan Modified the Fouling Index (MFI) Data-like.

Built with ASTM D 4189-07 standards for accuracy testing and repeatability sludge density index goes far beyond the criteria of the standard index of the density of the mud.

Linear, setting the proper pressure for accurate results even in the high waters of the SDI. Provide a set-it-and-forget-it convenience.

Rugged, durable, reliable. Carefully selected components ensure years of testing index density mud trouble-free.

In-field calibration and repair. Modular design for easy field repair. Calibration of the sensor is easy to perform in the field.

Alert is heard telling the operator at the end of mud density index test and if any errors have occurred.

Clear, easy to read LCD display asks the operator through the procedure of tests and showing the current test data while the mud density index test was being done.



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